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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
OK I know what I said at the start of the thread but I'm now considering running a pistol as a primary for outdoor games next year (I will be out of the country).

A few questions I'd like answered though (and yes I already searched "pistol AND primary" in the search bar and waded through the results which is how I got to this thread actually).

Anyways, I'm probably looking at running a pistol as a primary in some outdoor games, I know I'll be outranged likely (and outgunned/outFPS'ed) but I just want to see if this is feasible for now then I can worry about adapting my playing style later.

What pistol should I use? I've considered using the TM Hi-Capa 5.1 with a TK twist, 9 Ball hop up, and the extended 50 rnd mags as well as a TM Mk.23 NBB with a TK twist and a bunch of the regular mags (that is unless they make extended mags for it but I doubt it because it's supposed to be a "tactical pistol"). I've also looked at some of the WA pistols but I'm not sure of them, I know they're nice and all but I'm unsure (also about mag compatibility (can I use a 50 round Hi-Capa mag in a WA "race gun"), I used to know what was compatible in what but it's since been pushed out of my head to make room for other knowledge).

Any other suggestions for pistols? What about mags and how many I should run and at what capacity (standard or "extended")? I'm not like crazy trigger happy and I play with my AEG on semi so I don't think I need "3 round burst" or automatic feature on my pistol. As well I'd probably go through 1000 BB's at most in a whole day (lets assume 500 in a morning session and 500 in an afternoon session and the type of games are smaller "scrims" and maybe the odd "larger scenario game"). I would feel comfortable carrying 150-200 rounds for a game/"scrim" just in case which is why I'd go with 3 or 4 "extended" mags.

What tends to retain value (I know TM usually does but what about WA)?

NOTE: Only reason why I'd use the TK twist is because GBB's shoot at or under 1J so I should be fine (I may do a few upgrades to bring it to 1.1J but according to Illusion the performance is "acceptable" up to 1.2J).

NOTE: I will just be running this for a year while I am out of the country so price isn't too much of a deal but I'd like to spend less than $500 CAD on the setup and have it still retain value for sale before I come back to Canada.
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