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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
I cant say anything about performance other than harder kick and worse hopup design in the WA, but the TM is more reliable and can handle propane out of the box, but WA externals are nice
What the fuck are you on...
WA hop up isn't adjustable but it is dead accurate with .30 BB Bastards, i can hit a coin at 30 feet with my WA. TM is NOT more reliable then a WA also all newer WA's can handle propane out of the box unless they are the models made more so for display and collection purposes. You were right about the externals all WA's(newer ones) come with either A. Metal slides or B. High quality ABS slides with metal dust added into the mixture making it stronger, heavy and cool to the touch (these slides are the about the same weight as aftermarket aluminum slides).
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You can tell a person over and over that 4 + 5 = 9 and show them the mechanics of how addition works, but at the end of the day when you look into their eyes you know damn well that in their heads they still see 4 + 5 = pineapple.
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Harden the fuck up, you liberal pussies.
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