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Question ICS MP5 (MX5) vs SRC G36C/K

Ok, I've been looking at Mach1Airsoft.. and they have the ICS MP5 (MX5) for 385$..

5$ more than the SRC G36C (Gen III)
20$ less than the SRC G36K (Gen III)

I am now debating between the ICS MP5 and SRC G36K as my first AEG.. they go for around the same price.

From the info I know:

SRC G36 use V3 Gearbox
ICS MX5 use V2 Gearbox
SRC does have a higher FPS around 360 vs ICS MX5 300-330 (I will be playing outside and indoors this summer, 60% outdoors, 40% indoors) (yes, do not flame me, I know what I've been told: FPS doesn't make you better.. I know! But when playing outdoors, something slightly faster might make a bigger difference vs the wind.).

Other than that, I don't really care about battery size, it isn't an issue, I'm not a full auto guy, I take single shots and shoot when it 'hurts' only. spend less than 1000 rounds in a full day.

If I knew I could get the MP5 SD version, I would automatically be won over to the dark side of the MP5's, but from the things I mentioned, what could help me make my choice?

I need a hand in helping me choose.. The MP5 is really interesting because of its solid full metal body, while the SRC has a partially clear lower. And yes, I am waiting to get AV'ed soon, hopefuly withint the 2 following weeks.

I don't want a debate, I just want someone with experience help me with what I should look for in a first AEG (I can't and don't want to spend 500$ on an AEG alone for the moment).

Thank you.
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