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Originally Posted by GODSPEED|seven View Post
Thanks for your detailed comment. Out of curiosity, what on that list does SRC fail to achieve?

Unfortunately KWA does not make the G36K, because that is the one I have my eye set on.. but nevertheless, I've read many places they are about the same and its only a matter of personal choice. (KWA does have an oversized front to accomodate larger battery than SRC)..
SRC is failing on battery capacity (small handguard). I installed a silencer and a longer inner barrel for better range and accuracy. Now it's about the same lenght of a G36K. Also I found that the parts are easier to obtain for KWA from their us web site WWW.KWAUSA.COM
SRC is also failing on the ability to take an adapter to use stanag mags because of the non standard hop-up.

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