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I did my first skirmish last year with my friend's Echo 1 G36C and I found the perfect gun for me. Good balance, compact, light, good ergonomic. I also tried M4, scar-L, AKS74-U and AUG.

So I decide to purchase my first AEG last year and I wanted it brand new. In Canada at this time we didn't have a lot of choice in brand new gun and my choice stopped on SRC and KWA G36 cansoft. After looking on internet on many reviews and web sites, I choosed the KWA over the SRC because of the reputation of both company have and some features. But the SRC gen III is supposed to be a good choice also.

The features I was looking for:

Gearbox ver. 3 pre-upgraded
Lipo ready
Ability to take M4 mags (with an adapter)
Large battery
Good stock accuracy and range
Easy dismounting
Replacement parts easily available
stock fps in 380-395 range

at this time, Only the KWA G36C met my requirements.

Hope this will help you
Thanks for your detailed comment. Out of curiosity, what on that list does SRC fail to achieve?

Unfortunately KWA does not make the G36K, because that is the one I have my eye set on.. but nevertheless, I've read many places they are about the same and its only a matter of personal choice. (KWA does have an oversized front to accomodate larger battery than SRC)..
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