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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
just be patient, it will arrive if nothing is restricted.

not a DX order but it's from ebairsoft using hong kong post.

CP often does do corrections to postal code errors. just wait it out.

who made the original error with the postal code? is it all VA's fault? did you order and enter the wrong postal code?

if it ends up at the wrong address, it will just get sent back to Frank and he'll ship it to you again likely at the cost of who made the original mistake.

(if you have time to drop by VA and bitch at him, should have asked for a pickup in the first place)
No my postal code and shipping information is logged into the site and saved. It's all fine on there. Also i didn't know where the shop was. It's prob an error or misunderstanding.. I wasn't going to bitch to him was just going to explain because when i contacted the post office they said for me to get the original shipper to all them about the matter the first time i called but they said that it would be corrected and when i watched the tracking it was shipped back to missisauga so i thought it would have bee corrected but it wasn't it was sent out right back to scarborough again the next day so i knew they had fucked up.. Also i was going to stop by anyways to get age verified..

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