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Originally Posted by Qc_Sarado View Post
Can someone help me please? Is there anyone I can call to ask whats is happening with my package?

The package is from EBairsoft and i asked them to open an investigation but they don't care...
just be patient, it will arrive if nothing is restricted.

Originally Posted by VooDooPeteK View Post
With that tracking number it looks like a DX order, just wait as I have had them many times show up before the last or any scan has shown up on the CP website... I have also had it say "item out for delivery" and 3 days later it comes (3 biz days I mean not weekend days)
not a DX order but it's from ebairsoft using hong kong post.

Originally Posted by BobbyDangerous View Post
I'm pretty pissed off. They said mine was in delivery but it should make it to my apartment. I'm going to drop by V-Arms today and explain this and that he has to either give me a new scope or he has to call canada post and explain to them that they have the wrong postal code and to send it back to him to send out again.. Unless by some slim chance it does arrive to my apartment today in the next 15 min when the driver gets here.. But i doubt it..
CP often does do corrections to postal code errors. just wait it out.

who made the original error with the postal code? is it all VA's fault? did you order and enter the wrong postal code?

if it ends up at the wrong address, it will just get sent back to Frank and he'll ship it to you again likely at the cost of who made the original mistake.

(if you have time to drop by VA and bitch at him, should have asked for a pickup in the first place)
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