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G36 for newby

I did my first skirmish last year with my friend's Echo 1 G36C and I found the perfect gun for me. Good balance, compact, light, good ergonomic. I also tried M4, scar-L, AKS74-U and AUG.

So I decide to purchase my first AEG last year and I wanted it brand new. In Canada at this time we didn't have a lot of choice in brand new gun and my choice stopped on SRC and KWA G36 cansoft. After looking on internet on many reviews and web sites, I choosed the KWA over the SRC because of the reputation of both company have and some features. But the SRC gen III is supposed to be a good choice also.

The features I was looking for:

Gearbox ver. 3 pre-upgraded
Lipo ready
Ability to take M4 mags (with an adapter)
Large battery
Good stock accuracy and range
Easy dismounting
Replacement parts easily available
stock fps in 380-395 range

at this time, Only the KWA G36C met my requirements.

Hope this will help you
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