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Personally I would suggest the following.

Buy what you can afford.

If your young, or on a budget. Get repro stuff. It works and its inexpensive. And best of all, it looks fairly good for the price. Look for cheaper repro molle stuff, as you can expand it and make it suit your needs for bargin basement prices.

If you've got money to burn. Go the extra mile, buy the nicer stuff, but again, I suggest something you can modify to suit your needs. Molle stuff is great because as your needs and desires change your "core" gear can change to suit those needs.

Above all else, do whats right for you. Enjoy yourself and get out to games. Also ignore the gearqueers that will tell you that you NEED to get the best quality gear and anything else is a waste of money. I played with crap.. (I mean it) for years and I had a blast. Hell at one point I had a homemade chestrig using a dutybelt and 3 long LBV88 pouches for my ak. It worked great and it was durable as all hell. People laughed but I didn't care because it was fun. So if you like that vest go with it.

I would suggest you invest your money in other things. Like GOOD BOOTS, GOOD Knee/Elbow pads, GOOD goggles, GOOD Bdu's/Clothes that are comfortable. these things will keep you comfortable and safe on the field.


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