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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Or you can use the other method but we're not allowed to talk about it (not to mention there's a lot of bureaucracy involved and it's probably not worth it).
It's honestly not worth is for even a couple of AEGS. Buy the time you pay the initial cost of the AEG to the manufacturer/supplier, pay the extra fee for the manufacturer/supplier to do the mods, pay overseas shipping on rather large boxes, process all the paper work, wait for CBSC and the RCMP, and hope they don't refuse the make or model in the first's really not worth it.
Oh and the politics on the subject are endless here................

Originally Posted by LoveMyStubby View Post
Support local retailers!!! We pay full price, so should everyone else. Shortcuts will end up screwing you from behind with a rusty potato masher.
This is the correct, easiest, and best way to acquire your next purchase.


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