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Another m4 dilemma

ok. so im ready to start upgrading to better guns and gear. im looking for an m4, but unsure of what would be my best approach. what i need/want is:

a m4 that is short. im not a tall guy so i want something that is small and compact, so a cqb m4 verison ive been looking for.

I will be using this gun for outdoor. from what ive seen, cqb m4's shoot below 350 fps. since i want to be using this gun for outdoor id like to upgrade to a bigger spring. so i need a cqb m4 that the internals can handle a bigger spring and it wont be to powerful for. if i cant find a gun like this what internal upgrades would i need to run a higher fps.

I also want a rail system for the front, so either the gun has to come with one, or i will just buy one from someplace like ehobby asia. And id like a full metal body.

I understand that fps does not mean range. and im not starting this thread to find out what impact fps has, but, i do want range and accuracy on this gun. so id be looking to upgrade the inner barrel for the accuracy, but what barrel should i be looking for?

I understand that i might not be able to find all this in one gun, im just looking for the gun with most of what i need, and i can upgrade from there.

Some of the guns ive been looking at is the ARES enhanced m4. there is two versions that can be found here the cqb verison is roughly $100 more.

ive also been looking into some of the classic army guns, but there are alot of different models i dont know which one would be the better choice.

any help at all would be great. thanks a lot.
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