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Maintenance and cleaning isn't an issue.. I find that part of it fun. Can't go into battle with a dirty gun, Paintball taught me that.

I'm not too woried about the price as I was looking to spend around $1000 for the rifle itself, if the rifle is $600 I dont mind spending another 200-300 on huge ammounts of mags, however I only plan on carrying about 5-6.

I'm not a heavy shooter, I've tried very hard to discipline myself to only shoot what I know I can hit, instead of accuracy by volume.

I think I'm going to go with the GBBR, it seems to cator much more to my liking, if I absolutely hate it, picking up an AEG won't be hard.

I feel asthough the GBBR will satisfy my want for realism more-so than an AEG and its on that basis that i'm making my decision.

Thank you all again for your time and wisdom,

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