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GBB vs. Spring ?

Hi all, I'm extremely new to the sport. So new infact that I've yet to perchase my first Airsoft.

Before everyone goes off on me, I've already used the search and read SIMILAR posts, I'm just trying to get as many opinions and as much information as possible.

I have been searching for days and so far i've broke it down to two different models (open for suggestions),

1. KJW GBB M4a1 Rifle

2. Any L96A1 or M24 Replica Spring sniper rifle (I've not yet found a model I feel is perfect)

I am looking for as much realism as possible, thus my choice with the GBB and Spring.

My questions are as follows,

1. What am I better off with?
2. Witch will allow me to play the most fields and scenarios
3. If i should ABSOLUTELY go AEG... why?
5. Any tips you can give to a starting player you feel I may have not heard.

Thank you for taking the time to read and possbily answer my post,

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