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Originally Posted by GODSPEED|seven View Post
Ok, 'cause I had read something having to do with the gun using ball bearings or not.. some guns have a quick response on trigger pull, others have considerable delay. I may have misunderstood.
Expanding on what Styrak said, it actually depends on a few things.

-The battery
-How good the wiring is
-What type of connectors are used (most airsoft guns use tamiya connectors.. these have a SHITLOAD of resistance in them. Most people replace them with Deans or similar).
-How well the mechbox is greased and shimmed

I don't think the type of bearings or bushings really makes a difference.

Nearly every airsoft gun has to cycle fully in semi before getting a shot off, so you'll always have that delay. AFAIK the PSG-1 and L85A1 are the only two airsoft guns that pre-tension the spring, and from what I've been told it's more of a pain in the ass than it's worth. (question to anyone who knows, does the SR-25 do this as well?)

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