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Originally Posted by Percuvius View Post
I'll be ordering my gun in a week or so (if they come in) and in preparation for that I have just ordered the OE TECH Crossdraw vest. I was originally looking at the one they had on sale for $20.50, but they were all sold out and then I saw this one for $45 so I did a google search for discount codes and came up with "Tim" which got me 10% off so for $40 what do you guys think of this vest?

There is a youtube review vid too, if you scroll down
Make sure your gear is compatible with your rifle mags.
And like it has been said, buy quality and buy it once.
Modular gear can be managed for cheap since you can add whatever you need. You could go with a good plate carrier, like te RRV, and only add as many magpouchs as you need and still keep your setup under 300$. And it will last you a lifetime or be easyer to sell.

Resellability is a key on what you buy. Nobody will buy your busted out 40$ vest if you want to change your gear or drop the sport. an used Eagle Industry vest will always have a taker!

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