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I am hoping my AV'ing can go through within the 2 following weeks!

I REALLY want to see whats around in the classifieds.

Debating if I want to go for Some G36K, SIG 551 or maybe an AK variant (carbine size like AK-105).. so much choice.. so small a wallet...

Ok, to get back onto topic; No matter if I get AV'ed or not soon, I would like to know if the SRC Gen III G36's have a quick response time when you pull the trigger in semi auto. I don't care about super high ROF in full auto, as I only ever use 3-5 round bursts anyways.

And if this isn't too much trouble, I'd realyl appreciate if someone could let me know if they're any good AK's for around 400-500$ (without extras, just gun and magazine).. something to wet my appetite
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