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Originally Posted by Percuvius View Post
I'll be ordering my gun in a week or so (if they come in) and in preparation for that I have just ordered the OE TECH Crossdraw vest. I was originally looking at the one they had on sale for $20.50, but they were all sold out and then I saw this one for $45 so I did a google search for discount codes and came up with "Tim" which got me 10% off so for $40 what do you guys think of this vest?

There is a youtube review vid too, if you scroll down
You get what you pay for. That vest is not modular. A lot of people around here use modular vest's or plate carriers because they can be configured multiple different ways. Despite this it really does come down to personal preference. If you want to pay 40$ for a vest and that is the vest you want, go for it.

If I where in your position, I would go out and try some other local guys vest's one. That will give you the best idea of what you want/need/is comfortable for you.

Cheers mate.
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1+1 = 2
Were you maybe expecting 1+1 = donut?
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