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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
The only Canadian guys I buy gear & parts from on any sort of a regular basis are One Shot Tactical and Airsoft Parts Canada (and a bit of Dave's Tactical). When I've done the math in the past their pricing has always been more than fair.

As an aside, most big importers will have their currency rate locked in at the bank, and will have paid for the stuff they're selling months ago. If the dollar stays at parity for six months then you may see some more movement downward on prices.
Agreed, they paid for their inventory months ago and I understand that. I would be referring to a custom order house (ala Karma Airsoft) using this opportunity to place large orders at reduced prices in an effort to take advantage of the dollar and generate higher profits by using volume.

You might want to reevaluate what your saying about how international commerce works. We are not talking about "big importers" or banks. We are talking about consumers shopping overseas or in the US.

And currency analysts are expecting this parity to be around for a while, infact they expect it to top around 110 (forecast for the next 3 months.. depending on who you read).

Simple math. If I sell 3 times more units at half the cost(this is oversimplified). Am I losing money or making money? Thats what custom order houses have to ask themselves. Its alot of work, but if done right and done by motivated people it can be quiet profitable.
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