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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
You just answered your own question. Canadian prices have been traditionally artificially inflated, because such businesses want a lot of your money. Parity gives them more money, not you.

The guys that bring in Prohibited Devices charge a gun-running-risk premium that ranges from quite reasonable to downright insulting, thankfully not too much of the latter as of late. The guys that bring in cansoft charge... Well, whatever they charge, they're getting better return on their investment than other businesses.

In between the above are the legal opaque airsoft guns, with quite dismal margins compared to the above two, for whom parity is more a relief than a boon.
Yes, I share your opinion. However "gear" and legal parts from overseas this can be a great time. But retailers have and will gouge because they can and that is their prerogative. Seriously 200-300% markup? That's insane. But what can you do.

Inversely, the high dollar could mean that canadian retailers feel the pinch of being cut out of the gear market and could result in lower prices in other area's but thats probably not true either.

We will see.

I would like to point out that there are quiet a few awesome retailers (such as Mach1) that are charging completely NORMAL retail markups. 50-75% is amazing and frankly I have nothing but respect for these guys.

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