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Originally Posted by ex View Post
Too bad Paypal never follows suit.
Paypal is crooked as a witches nose when it comes to currency conversion.

HOWEVER, here's what you can do. If your not comfortable with using a credit card online or with overseas retailers. use credit card gift cards. they can be purchased for any denomination and they will currency convert (at the rate posted on that cards provider.. ie visa or mastercard which is usually 100% accurate as to what it is).

It allows you to basically use cash to pay for your transaction but the retailer will think its a credit card, because it is.

Personally I think paypal should be bitch slapped. why the hell do they no advertise their currency conversion rate BEFORE you do the conversion. that would be like ordering from a menu with no prices. Who knows how much that glass of wine just cost you. It leaves buyers with an uneasy feeling.

Just my opinion.
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