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Originally Posted by AngelusNex View Post
and make your mag pouches feel 10x smaller. But you'd have mucho grippage
and then bits of rubber coating shred off as you insert and remove mags from your pouch and look even uglier.

tip for the nubs: as stated before use the hicaps at home when plinking or testing. if you field a hicap as a last resort mag, you're still going to rattle all day long.

Originally Posted by shiftline View Post
I prefer low caps, but still have a high cap as a last resort
last resort? switch to secondary weapon. when you run out of ammo, you run out of ammo.

Originally Posted by Grattoj2 View Post
Same. I am against hicaps 100%, but if shit hits the fan, I'd rather use a hicap than not play.
really? 100% against but would still use it? contradictory no?
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