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Originally Posted by yancmart View Post
Ok I told you I miss understood the site. Now i understand with a little more research. No need to continue on trying to insult me.
I was not trying to directly insult you at all, the world does not revolve around you. My statement was a generalized comment and in reality a fact as well. People show up here here on a daily basis asking the same questions that have been asked thousands of times before. More often than not they use the guise of being new as a masquerade for being lazy, people don't want to read or research. Modern society has become complacent in our world of quick answers, the answers we provide are not quick enough. People want things now now now. People don't want to read a page full of words and formulate an understanding they just want quick solid justification so the can speed along to the next task they have. Now now now, boom boom boom, whats good and why, why is this gun better than this gun? Why is my pee green and smell like strawberry jello on friday but not sunday? how come daddy drinks? whats a moose knuckle? Why is uncle Mike is now auntie Gloria?

Why do you people continue to let me talk.

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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