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Originally Posted by Percuvius View Post
If you're looking in the $400 range have you considered the ICS MP5 as well? The current full metal is $380 and the new split gearbox MX5 model is due in Canada at the end of the month. If your heart is set on a G36 then your choices may be a little more limited at this time and in that case the SRC may be fine for you, I'm just suggesting if you're going to spend $400 it might be better to save just a little extra and get something with a body that will last forever. One thing to consider about the SRC gen 3 is that if you like full auto fire it seems to have a much lower ROF than VFC or KWA guns.
G36 choices aren't limited. Right now in Canada you can get every model of G36 made by practically every manufacturer.

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