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Dron, I am completely in agree with you. However I though for the interests of communication that the issue of the bb's be clarified as most of the discussion was on the damaged mag. I was not calling AK-47 Dude's question invalid, nor was I eluding that his claims where false.

When AK-47 Dude stated there was empty bags in the box, one would interpret this as a bag that is void of contents. But what he ment was there appeared to be bags that where missing SOME of their contents. Ie short of what they should be. I was not forcing him to make a judgment call as to what happened. Only to disambiguate the issue as empty to you, and empty to him might be different.

Personally Im waiting and watching closely to see how this is resolved as the last retailer I used was Tru and that was a few years ago.

I apologize if my comments seemed out of order.
Fair enough. Your point is a valid one.

I am with you though as well... things seemed simpler back when in the day when there was only one retailer around here and all our money are belong to him....
Misinformation in internet forums haunts me so
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