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In my opinion the VFC is a much better gun and no comparison in build quality especially externally .SRC has an ugly PLASTIC lower receiver, go with SRC if you want, but I'm sticking with my opinion.
The "plastic" is the same one used on the real steel.. its nylon reinforced fiberglass. I would NOT want metal on a G36. I've read quite a few horror stories of VFC having to be sent back on day 1 for broken pins and triggers not working properly; piston heads having to be changed because they wouldn't last long, etc.. Ok, sure the full metal body is awesome, and beleive me, I am also thinking of getting either a VFC or ICS full metal body, but give me something to work on here. SRC Gen III G36's are 380$ near my place, and even sometimes on sale for cheaper, that with a smart charger and decent starter battery would come out to 480$ before taxes. The VFC is going for over 600$ and that without batteries, so easily 700$ + before taxes, does the over 200$ really justify the internal quality of VFC vs. the Gen III SRC Gearbox v3 ? For a noob? (I'm just trying to follow some experienced players advice here: Not to care about FPS, and to get something noob-friendly: G36 seems to be on the top of the list for that)

Originally Posted by Percuvius View Post
Metal body away = more money than just buying the superior VFC to begin with and you can internally mod a VFC easily, but it already is high quality internally.
And from the reviews I've read, the SRC G36's have VERY VERY good internals.. I would like someone to tell me EXACTLY what is better about the internals. I really hope I am not misunderstood, I just like to get some precise answers, something to change my noob mind, I need something concrete to work on here. Just because everyone says its better, doesn't mean I'll also jsut go buy one for that.. just give me concrete examples as to why a VFC SCAR would last longer than an SRC G36 (internally! externals I don't care about right now).. Most users here I think will agree the G36's are really a good way to go for a first AEG, they're noob-friendly and all :razz: Is the almost 200$ higher price tag on a VFC worth it for a noob like me?

Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
The reason it was brought up was because you keep bringing it up. FPS means nothing is a way of saying that theres no reason to use FPS as a way to decide, or describe a gun. You also keep harping about "advertised as ___ fps" and so one, when in the end a $15 spring change is all that stands in a 280 fps gun and 400 fps gun (not without other upgrades that can allow the gun to use the higher fps spring without failing other parts). Worry about FPS when you actually have the gun, chrono'd it and decide on what kind of games you want to play (indoor with lower fps vs outdoor with higher fps).
In this case I apologize for bringing that up altogether, I think I have been very misunderstood / I didn't explain clearly enough what I meant. IN NO WAY WAS I TRYING TO SAY HIGHER FPS IS BETTER.. THE FACT I AM GOING FOR A GUN ADVERTISED AT 330 FPS SHOULD POINT TOWARDS THIS... BECAUSE I AM NOT FOCUSING ON FPS AT ALL, IT IS NOT WHAT I AM PLACING MY BETS ON. That was to comment on an earlier post further up this thread about the fps these aeg's put out.. has absolutely nothing to do with deciding on what gun to get or not. I was also pointing towards the fact that most stores use this as a marketing ploy to get buyers to go for it.. that is all! So can we stop flamming me about the whole FPS thing? (If I knew it was that time of month for most of you, I'd have shut up.. O: ) I was stating a fact, not giving a personal opinion..

*Sometimes I do have trouble explaining what I mean, so for this I apologize.. I know how touchy the FPS thing is, so trust me when I say I am not trying to face execution/flamming here! * O:
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