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To me his comments were a statement of facts. He hasnt' jumped to any conclusions in any of his postings. He has repeatedly commented that he has had good service in the past and that he's not sure what happened.

I think he has done the right thing. Stated the facts, NOT jumped to conclusions, now he has pm'ed Karnage and we can wait to see what he says. IMO it's Karnage's responsibility to explain the situation, not the OP's to try to guess what happened.

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One question..

are you expostulating that the bb's vanished from the bags, or that the bags in question where packed empty?

You say, there where holes in the bags, but the box was sealed "100%" and no bb's where present in the box. Thus, you are either saying that he shipped you completely empty bags of bb's knowing full well they where empty, or you are saying that the bags appear to be missing some of their contents.

An explanation is in order as that's a pretty serious claim.
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