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What is so much better about VFC? To be honest after lots of reviews I've read on the VFC SCAR, I wasn't too impressed, especially considering the price tag.. Sure I've read a few reviews of the SRC's that weren't the best, but I've read more positive reviews of SRC Gen III's than I have of the more expensive VFC's.. But please expand on what you mean by "much better gun".. thanks

I am NOT arguing, but I like to be proven wrong sometimes

SRC's OWN catalog advertises the 416 as 400 FPS.. and ALL the other guns, including all the M4's either 300 FPS or 330 FPS..

If those guns did shoot 400 FPS off the bat, would it not be in their own interest to advertise it?? I mean, they would maximise their marketing to up sales by any means necessary, no??

I've only ever seen stores (or store reviews) advertise the 400 FPS while most reviews that are not linked to stores do confirm the average of 330 -360 FPS for most SRC Gen III's (except the 416 which seems to be a solid 396 - 408 FPS)

yes we have... but what do you mean?
In my opinion the VFC is a much better gun and no comparison in build quality especially externally .SRC has an ugly PLASTIC lower receiver, go with SRC if you want, but I'm sticking with my opinion.
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