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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
FPS does not make a person a better player. While FPS does play into the factor of how fast rounds get down range it does not necessarily mean that a person who has an AEG with higher FPS will be better player than a person whose AEG has lower FPS.
Yes, I am very well aware of that, but puzzled as to why he commented that..

I was pointing out to the fact that most stores say that Gen III SRC's all shoot at 400 FPS while the SRC Official catalog advertises much lower.

I am personnaly NOT looking for the most powerful AEG; matter of fact, I am going for the SRC G36K which is advertised at 330 FPS... So, I just don't understand the relevance of his comment.

Maybe i didn't word my previous comment properly, but nothing in it seems to point towards higher FPS being better..
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