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Its unfortunate that we cant have 10,000 volunteer verifiers across Canada willing to go out on a whims notice to age verify someone. However since owning an airsoft gun is not a life or death situation Im sure you can sit tight for a little bit longer. Im sorry to hear you have had no responses from your regions verifiers, however the truth is that many people do not live on this website and do not check their emails on a daily basis. People are not paid to be verifiers so sometimes it can take sometime to get in touch with someone as this is all volunteer work and people have lives to tend to. If you feel that this websites processes is not speedy enough for your requirements than by all means feel free to source your airsoft guns through whatever means you have at your disposal. Age verification is not a requirement to be apart of this website. It is only a requirement to view age restricted areas and to purchase from certain retailers and the buy and sell forum.

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