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Question Beginner airsoft pistol question

Hey everyone I have a question about my airsoft pistols. They are both co2 powered by standard 12g CO2 powerlets. One is a smith and wesson M&P40 BB pistol with a 15 shot magazine and the other is a Umarex Walther CP Sport pellet pistol with an 8 shot speed loader. My question is... The smith and wesson pistol shoots about 8 clips with a standard 12g powerlet, and the walther CPS shoots about the same. I'm wondering if I could use an 80g co2 powerlet in my pistols so that I could get more shots out of them without having to change co2 powerlets. Would the 80g powerlet be too powerful for the guns? or would it be the same power, just more shots per canister. any input is appreciated, as I am relatively new to the airsoft scene
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