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I (Stuart Fraser) had made a large order of bb's and box mag for my M16. When the order arived there were empty bags of bb's (Holes in the bags) and the mag had no instruction or markings. I googled about the mag and found out how to use it. When It was opened up to put in the batteries the gears and motor were broken off of there placement. I contacted Frank about the matter and he aggred to refund me. I sent the package to the address provided. The pakage was secsufully delivered and when I email Frank he will not reply to my emails. I have ordered before and never had any problems with him replying to emails.

And now my account has been deleted from there site.

The box that the order came in was 100% sealed with no bb's in the box.

Just wondering if this has happend to anyone elts out there?


Stuart Fraser

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