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KWA Cansoft G36C

I got this gun in December 09. I run an Intellect 10.8v 2000mAH battery in it and used the CAS white 0.20g BBs at first but I have switched over to Excel .25g Bio BBs.

- High ROF
- Accurate out of the box, much tighter spread than G&G guns (Even the M16 RAS advanced) because of the superior hop up quality and the 6.05mm bore inner barrel.
- Compression is consistent.
- Fully ambidexterous.
- Lots of rails for optics/accesories
- Sturdy V3 gearbox
- EXTREMELY simple breakdown
- Parts easy to find
- Folding stock is nice for storage/transport
- Comfortable to hold. Some M4/16s have a sharp corner on the grip that hurts your hand. This does not.
- Super easy to maneuver.
- Lots of room for a huge battery. And easy to put in and take out.
- The rail is nice and high so with a red dot sight I can easily use this gun with a paintball mask.
- The fact that it's not a metal body drops the price. It's the quality of a full metal KWA M4 with a massively smaller price tag.
- You look like Gerard Butler in Gamer the second you pick the gun up. Ladies dig it.

- Common glitch for V3 mechbox where the trigger glitches in semi.
- Broken tappet plate. The stock KWA one blows.
- Cylinder head has fantastic compression but SUCKS. The stock piston head breaks. It's made from a two piece mold and half of it shears off. This is only a $20 fix but highly annoying and KWA really needs to remedy this.
- The clear receiver and magwell are weak. I've broken 2 of the stock magwells. First one was from over tightening the body pin, second was from it hitting a wooden fence. The clear receiver has cracked simply from day to day use, this however hasn't effected performance in any way and can be covered up with some black paint.
- Magazines are hard to find and expensive. As well as finding vests with mag pouches that will fit them. Usually a double stack M4 pouch will only hold one G36 mag.
- The short barrel makes it so this gun won't be as accurate as say an M16 with the same barrel/hop/compression system.

- High FPS (chrono'd with 0.20g BBs at ~385 +/- 10 FPS) Is good for outdoors games but much too hot for most indoor, QCB courses. Which is funny since it's the G36C which is designed for closer quarters.
- Get an M4 Magwell adaptor. You will love your gun even more.

Overall, this gun has had a few issues, when the cylinder head breaks your gun is done until you can get it fixed. It is however, only around $20 for a new cylinder head depending on what model you get. It's got pretty awesome range as well.

Verdict: I really like this gun. Despite a few issues it is really effective on the field. I would recommend it.

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