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I have the TSD L96 and it''s a clone and it's obviously of lesser quality. With various upgrades it can become a gameable sniper rifle. However there are some known fitment issues with aftermarket upgrades as the tolerances of these clone guns aren't as good.

The VSR clone (not the bar-10 but the WELL/TSD version) is, from what I've heard, a piece of garbage. Between the TSD L96 and the TSD VSR, the L96 wins. The major issue with the VSR clone is the trigger sear. It seems to always be the first to go in the gun due do its poor quality. If you are choosing between the VSR clone and the L96, get the L96. If you prefer the Remington 700 look, go for the BAR-10 or, better yet, get the TM VSR-10 or CA M24.

If you are just starting out in playing airsoft, an AEG is generally recommended over a BA spring rifle. There are many threads that explain why but the gist of it is that a BA spring rifle will put you at a disadvantage for 2 main reasons: 1) they can't outrange an AEG by much if at all and 2) you have a much lower rate of fire compared to players with an AEG.
thankd that was very helpful and i think im going to make a better decision
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