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Well, I'm not saying that getting a "sniper rifle" is a good idea as a first gun (assuming it is the first gun), but just because it didn't work out for you doesn't mean it won't work out for anybody. I would like to see less posts about not getting a sniper rifle and more posts on thinking about the role he/she wants to play. That said, most airsoft sniper rifles have roughly the same range as a aeg, but you also have to consider that bolt actions are virtually silent, more accurate (somewhat in a physical sense and more so in a mental state). Right now I'm planning on getting a bar-10, but then again it is my fourth gun.

Well, I'm not sure how much guns are in Canada, but a decent gun over here costs around $150 (I looked at the dboys scar and the full metal m4), so I'm guessing the same gun would be like $200-250? When you buy a 60$ gun, generally you end up wasting your money because you won't be able to upgrade it (maybe minor upgrades), and you'll probably end up wanting a new gun in a few months anyways.

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