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The only crosman that I would suggest is the S34P that retails for $120.

I've handled the mini MP5 AEG/AEP thing and a Crosman Spring Pistol and your probably wasting your money in those cases.

I guess it's fine if your parents are supervising you and you aren't getting into trouble, just keep it on the down low and don't boast about it. In fact there have been a few minors who have earned the privilege to play with the adults by being smart and introducing themselves properly to the community (I'm talking about "private games" not "public days" where you just have to give the field owner money and you can join in on the fray/gong show).

zakizdaman: That's actually lego, no joke, about $2000 worth of it which I would totally buy if I had kids or wanted some collectors items. I actually remember having Duplo, Megablocks, K'Nex, and Lego. The Lego eventually got mixed in with the Megablocks though and the Duplo got donated but my favourite was K'Nex.
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