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Originally Posted by zakizdaman View Post
By lego you mean airsoft parts, right?
No, really lego.

Never mind, Im not trying to jack your thread with my non-airsoft related sales thread. I was just laughing because of the lego analogy and I just put up my wifes lego collection for sale.

Back on topic,

Im serious about saving up and getting some nice kit when your old enough. As for the cross man. they are cheap fun if you want to plink in the privacy of your own home. Just be responsible about it.

Personally Ive been "saving" my pennies for a few months now so I can get "back" into the game, its a drag looking at all the sexyness of these toys but its also a great motivator just to read the reviews. And theres always more to learn.

As for crossman aeg's.. Avoid them like the plauge. All clearsoft aeg's are pretty much a waste of your money.
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