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Originally Posted by zakizdaman View Post
Well you see, I can't get age verified - I'm only 15 (please... don't turn on your flamethrowers). I was just curious as to if the shotguns or aeg's were any good at all, Thanks though.
Btw, as for getting a gun, I'll let my parents do that, and no - Im not circumventing the system.
Ok thats fair.

If your parents are ok with it then Im not going to judge you.

And don't worry about flamethrowers, your allowed to be interested in the sport but just wait and take your time. I remember when I was 16 and wanted my first motorcycle. My parents forbade me so I went out and got a job, worked for 3 years and bought it with my own money on my own terms. Maybe you should consider doing the same. Because anything earned is always better then something taken/given.

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