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The crossman shotgun has been used by some ASC members with success.

However, I highly suggest you avoid buying a springer if you intend on attending games. Frankly its like buying a 250cc motorcycle for your first bike. It will not satisfy you and will end up being nothing but a waste of money. Save your cash and get age verified and check the classifieds. There are some good deals to be had.

If this is for plinking and general fun. then yes the crossman shotguns are not horrible.

Lets review.

If your just buying it for shooting cans in your basement. Sure.

If your planning on going to games, save your money and get age verified. AEG's are a different world and are the best entry point for our sport.

take it from me, 11 years ago I wasted my money on a springer for my first gun and I regretted it.

Wow Im getting old, it was actually 13 years ago.. sad. It was a micro uzi springer.
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