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Check out PoCo surplus or Daves Army Surplus, it won't hurt to go and check it out but your wallet may be lighter after you exit. (I assume you're the same Wil86 as on Opfor?).

Other than that the Crosman S34P Tri Shot shotgun from Canadian Tire ($120+tax) is a decent deal (even better when they're on sale for $80 + tax) after that, primer, a can of flat black, and a matte clearcoat and you'll be rocking. From what I hear most of their other line is crap so I wouldn't consider it.

There's also "3quip" if you're willing to rent a gun for a day to try it out.

EDIT: The tri shot shotgun probably would be pretty fun to use if the NSPB night games get running again, too bad about "The Ferry" though, now *that* would be an awesome place to use a shotgun.
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