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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Why all the talk about FPS?

FPS is a measure of how fast the BB moves. NOTHING more. It has no bearing on accuracy or how "good" a gun is. A well built and tuned AEG shooting 330 FPS with good BB's and hop-up will be far more accurate and outrange any "average" gun anyday, regardless of what its FPS is. Besides, the "sweet spot" for most properly tuned AEG's for range and accuracy is around 360-380 FPS, not 400+.
This is a question, not an argument ( i do thank you for your insight, I am a noob and so need to be corrected on some pre-conceived wrong ideas )
..but the faster the BB's fly the less they'll be affected by wind, maybe I am jsut taking this too far.. its just my impression, not stating a fact, don't take it that way please!

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