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Originally Posted by GODSPEED|seven View Post
Ok, I'm having the same issue here, debating if I should go for these:

SRC G36K - I like the carbine sized rifles most. 360-380 FPS stock
SRC 416 10D - 400 FPS stock
SRC / KWA G36C - Nice compact size for indoor play 360-380 FPS stock
KWA M4 S-System - 410 FPS stock !!!

I do intend on replacing the G36K scope with the G36C rail.

These are all within my price range, so what I want to know is:

SRC vs KWA for replacement parts, body kits (if I would like to replace SRC 416 lower with metal or the KWA M4 S-System lower with metal.. which is easier to get?

G36's shoot around 360-380 FPS stock.. will this affect my game to the point were I would rather have 400-410 FPS?

Will the stock barrel length of the G36K make a difference over the Stock barrel length of the G36C ? Distance? Precision?

I think that is all for now.. I am strongly leaning towards the SRC 416 because of high FPS and I rather its looks over the M4.. But extra details about the other guns is welcome, I liek to debate PROs and CONs.
Why all the talk about FPS?

FPS is a measure of how fast the BB moves. NOTHING more. It has no bearing on accuracy or how "good" a gun is. A well built and tuned AEG shooting 330 FPS with good BB's and hop-up will be far more accurate and outrange any "average" gun anyday, regardless of what its FPS is. Besides, the "sweet spot" for most properly tuned AEG's for range and accuracy is around 360-380 FPS, not 400+.

Out of the guns you listed, I'd personally go with either the G36k or the 410, simply for barrel length. The G36 series is also incredebly easy to work on and uses a V3 mechbox, whereas the 416 and M4 use a V2.

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