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Awesome, I'll check those out!

Now onto another Battery question...

Is there a battery configuration I should look for?

What I mean is, how much should battery configuration affect my choice of AEG? Will getting a crane stock battery give me something better than a mini type? or will a nunchuck be better than large?

I know this must really sound noobish, but thats what I am at the moment.. pure and utterly noob-like hehe.

Its hard to explain, but for example, the SRC 416 uses a crane style bat pack, what difference does this make compared to the SRC G36's which use mini style bat packs? Another example, the Full stock AEG's usually have the benefit of fitting Large bat packs.. at the expense of maneuverability.. I like to usually be in the front line, I'm a decently quick player (small frame) so I'm looking for a smaller AEG, M4/G36K being the longest I want to get, without touching the 9mm SMG's.. what type of bat config should I look for? and should I base my choice of AEG on the bat configuration?

When I get my AEG in the following months, I want to make sure I don't regret it; it is lots of money invested. So I am relying on players here instead of store clerks who even if they have best intentions, don't know lots about it..

thanks for your patience with me 'the uber-noober'
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