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hey q
i want to say sorry big time i was just trying to make sure everything was on the up and up. i think we have both learned a wikked ass lesson here and speaking for myself i am a douche bag regarding my reaction to what i thought was a rip off on its way.

on that same note i now know how the miscommunication happened and i also now know that the big picture here was that q long did infact get screwed but by whom ever sold him this array of bullshit guns. that being said i offer my hand in any way possible to help track down the individual who did this to long.

i had no intention of screwing q over but i do understand how the rest of you would think so , so in that light i appologise to all of you.

and just to answer some questions about Twisted by design scare studios.......well i am a small prop fabricator based out of winnipeg where i do set design, halloween still props, and special effects for small jobs here and there. as per why i needed the sl8 ? my partner and i are building airsoft tested halo armor and other movie armourment and we needed th sl8 for the photoshoot we sent to the bungie corp. for licencing and permission to use the halo designs. the sl8 was the closest we could find to the halo br . we are also in the midst of getting our prop masters in order to obtain the bfl so we can supply our mother studio Absurd Machine Studios.

all this has been prooven and verifyed by Amos when he came by my home to sort all of this out.

sorry Q
james ferreira
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