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Ok, I'm having the same issue here, debating if I should go for these:

SRC G36K - I like the carbine sized rifles most. 360-380 FPS stock
SRC 416 10D - 400 FPS stock
SRC / KWA G36C - Nice compact size for indoor play 360-380 FPS stock
KWA M4 S-System - 410 FPS stock !!!

I do intend on replacing the G36K scope with the G36C rail.

These are all within my price range, so what I want to know is:

SRC vs KWA for replacement parts, body kits (if I would like to replace SRC 416 lower with metal or the KWA M4 S-System lower with metal.. which is easier to get?

G36's shoot around 360-380 FPS stock.. will this affect my game to the point were I would rather have 400-410 FPS?

Will the stock barrel length of the G36K make a difference over the Stock barrel length of the G36C ? Distance? Precision?

I think that is all for now.. I am strongly leaning towards the SRC 416 because of high FPS and I rather its looks over the M4.. But extra details about the other guns is welcome, I liek to debate PROs and CONs.
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