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Originally Posted by GODSPEED|seven View Post
I think i know this (please correct me if wrong):
NiMh = more or less the amount of shots can take on full charge
Volts = Affects Rate of Fire
Volts does affect trigger response and ROF among other things. NiMh isn't how long the battery can last it's a type of battery ie Lipo=Lithium-ion polymer, what your thinking of is mah, the higher the mah of the battery the longer it will last with continues use before it has to be recharged.

Originally Posted by GODSPEED|seven View Post
What I am wondering is simply; Should being limited to a 8.4v 1500 mAh Bat Pack on the KWA M4 S-System make me go for an SRC Gen III with a 10.1v bat pack ?
I assume you mean a 11.1 volt lipo battery? If you do a 11.1 and 7.2 lipo are essentially the same as a 9.6 NiMh battery in terms of power. You will get a little more ROF from the SRC then the KWA if you decide to go with a 8.4 but so long as the KWA is capable of using a lipo(as in the gun won't break in like 5 minutes) The choice between the two guns is all up to your personal preference...and your wallet

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