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I actually also have a question about batteries.. I've been looking at the KWA M4 S-System AEG.. and in the description, it says it will accept up to a 8.4v 7-Cell NiMh Mini battery pack.. I've also been looking at the SRC's HK 416 or G36k.. which can accomodate Li-Po bat packs... I think i know this (please correct me if wrong):
NiMh = more or less the amount of shots can take on full charge
Volts = Affects Rate of Fire

What I am wondering is simply; Should being limited to a 8.4v 1500 mAh Bat Pack on the KWA M4 S-System make me go for an SRC Gen III with a 10.1v bat pack ?

I really like both brands as they have good gearboxes from what I've heard, KWA M4 S-System shoots 410 FPS stock .. SRC 416 shoots 400 FPS stock and G36k shoots approx 360-380 FPS stock..

Thanks for your replies!
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