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Originally Posted by Drake View Post

There's also claims some ASC staff was involved. AFAIK no staff was contacted, so I'd like some names. I also want that gun tech to come on record on this thread (no I'm not chasing him down, he comes to me, here).

Hey Drake

Qlong hit me up for advice on the situation before this thread was created.
Here is what I told him verbatim.

Originally Posted by TokyoSeven
At this time from what I can see, you have compensated the seller to the best of your ability. He seems a little pushy and demanding. So the buyer claims the internals of the Sl8 are that of JG, can a known community gun tech verify his claims? If I were you I would stand firm and request the return of of the Sl8 and that it is extremely inappropriate for him to hold an item hostage. He seems to insinuate that he may get burned by you, however how are you to know that he is not going to burn you buy keeping everything in the end? He states he trusts you, he can demonstrate this buy shipping you either the Sl8 or the glock and then you can resolve this issue once and for all. If negotiations debilitate and communication ceases, hit up Drake or ILLusion, they should be able to provide some helpful insight as to what your next moves should be.
He can reiterate that how he rolls is how he rolls all he wants however if he wants to get anywhere in the world he needs to learn that sometimes people need to compromise.

Cheers and best of luck

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