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im the said theif

hello im James the fellow who was in possetion of the guns.

First i want to give a huge thanks to Amos for comming over to spend his afternoon prooving that entire litter of trash talk wrong. Im not a douche i was in a situation that i felt was burning me and now its confirmed for all of you to see.

Second beyond the dispute between q long and i i would really like to express my feelings on the members and additude of the members when they see a " danzel in distress" you all came roaring out with your picks and torches and you didnt even listen to a word that was said otherwise. You called names, made threats, and based your opinions on god knows what.
this proof was all i needed and in no way was what i did to control the situation the wrong thing to do.

bar none dont call me a liar and dont base your opinions on how i type in msn and e mails ( i am deslexic and i dont know im spelling wrong half the time) you dont know who i am and you certainly do not have the right to act the way you did on this forum. i know people like you wont let this sink in but i hope you sit back and take some time to realise that you do not have the right to witch hunt let alone witch hunt without the full two sides of a story, i mean common your adults here.

anyway i hope this gets resolved coz im done babysitting.
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