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QLong Vs Dutch 13 Trade Issue

Hey there, I'm going to start off by saying that dutch13 IS NOT A THIEF

I also want to make it clear that I am not taking sides on this, Today was the first time I've met James and I'm not pulling any "root for the home team" bullshit.

Dutch13's name is Lee, he helped his friend James get a SL8 and try to deal with the problems that came up in the transaction. Dutch13 did not let James use his account, he was simply trying to help a friend out because Jaime couldn't get in contact with a Winnipeg verifier (he didn't try me)

Dutch13 should not be penalized for helping his 18+ buddy get a gun (If the admins require proof of age, I've got a photo of James' ID)

To clarify, the issue is between Qlong and James.

As of right now I have both guns in my possession, I've looked them both over and James was correct, the "CA SL8" is a CA body and CA SL8 kit on JG parts. The G23F that was sent as a "replacement" is screwed, it was shipped in a manor that it it was not a functional gun.

This entire thing has been one misunderstanding knee-jerk reaction after another.

I wont go into all the nitty gritty details, I want to cut out all the bullshit and come to a solution

But what I think would be a fair solution to everything is have Qlong refund Jame's money through me (James has agreed to subtract $50 because parts of the guns were painted silver for theatrical purposes, I've taken a look.. it could easily be removed with 20 minutes and some fine steel wool) then I'll ship him back his guns.

James is also throwing in a few extra mags, a battery and a grip-pod that he purchased. He is very keen on the idea of coming to a happy medium in all of this.

(SL8, The silver was done for "theatric pictures" and will come off very easily, James has agreed to subtract $50 from what he paid)

None of this is even remotely CA... It's all JG stuff. I do however believe that Qlong didn't know this. Qlong isn't at fault for this, the person who Qlong purchased the gun from who claimed it was a CA is. It's a JG in a CA body kit.
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