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Don't worry theres a few Filipinos who play in Canada so you're not going to be alone (I'm not Filipino, I'm Chinese). Op-For and BCAC are your best bets, contact Optix, Kampfer or Crash for Age Verification in the Lower Mainland (it's only a system we made on this site so minors don't get their hands on airsoft and do stupid things, it's not a law in Canada or anything). Otherwise publicly you can find some clear guns here and there and the odd one carrying "full metal/black" guns (Daves should be getting some in, as well as some other company in the Oaknagan or Kelowna or something).

Check out one of; Daves Army Surplus, PoCo Military Surplus (either their Port Coquitlam location or their new Langly one), Gorilla Surplus (East Broadway in Vancouver if you ever go there) or Warcraft Games (in Mission, BC) for gear and clothing. Warcraft has some cheaper clear guns as does PoCo but I would personally hold out for a bit and wait for Age Verification then buy a full metal/black gun from the classifieds.
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